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In 2012 SEQ Catchments updated its Strategic Plan, which defines our Vision, Mission Statement and Corporate Intent:

Vision Statement: “A sustainable future for our community through management of our natural environmental assets”

Mission Statement: We take a key role in regional natural resource management planning, secure funding and deliver through collaborative and innovative partnerships with community, industry and all levels of government.

Our Strategic Plan includes objecties which encompass six key action areas that will guide our activities, and that of our project partners:

  1. Take a key role in the strategic direction of natural resource management planning in SEQ.
  2. Foster partnerships with stakeholders.
  3. Secure funding for activities aligned to the SEQ NRM Plan.
  4. Achieve cost effective and efficient delivery of our SIP and Strategic Plan.
  5. Promote a learning culture both within SEQC and the community.
  6. Ensure SEQ Catchments’ governance meets professional standards and community / stakeholder expectations.
Each of these Mission Statements translates into a strategic objective, each with a number of high level activities to be undertaken to achieve each objective. 

Download the Strategic Plan here