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Cool Areas are a Hot Topic right now

Cool Areas are a Hot Topic right now

Thursday, May 19, 2016
Above image: Thermal mapping can inform property planning – helping to understand land suitability based on slope and aspect, grass cover, forest cover, soil moisture and water sources.

Trying to locate the “cooler” suburbs to live in? Reducing heat stress on livestock? Identifying the best place for a community park?

When making decisions about where to put things, we often consider the visual amenity, but what about livability? 

SEQ is a hot place in summer, and we need to consider how our decisions will be affected by the climatic conditions of the surrounding landscape. 

Often we will consider the aspect (is it north-south facing?) but what about distance to water, relative altitude, local vegetation and other factors which affect temperature?

Enter thermal imagery, a new product which identifies relative surface temperature across a landscape. You may be surprised by the changes in hot and cool areas across your property (lot). 

A thermal analysis identifies the probable causes of surface temperature changes so that you can begin your project with a better understanding of this hot topic.

Image: A map of hotter and cooler areas showing the influence of water, vegetation cover and housing density

By SEQ Rapid Maps