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Queensland Government

SEQ Catchments partner with a number of Queensland Government departments to identify natural resource management priorities, secure funding for on-ground works and to support and facilitate delivery of the SEQ NRM Plan 2009 – 2031. We also assist the Queensland Government to deliver a number of its community based programs to improve the condition and trend of the State’s natural resources and environmental outcomes. 

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) provide leadership for the growth and sustainable development of food, fibre, fishing and forestry industries and to optimise their contribution to economic, environment and social outcomes for Queensland. 

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries partners with SEQ Catchments in the delivery of a regional Pest Management Program as well as the collaborative delivery of Grazing Best Management Practise modules.

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

The department is responsible for managing the health of the environment to protect Queensland’s unique ecosystems, including its landscapes and waterways, as well as its native plants and animals and biodiversity. SEQ Catchments works closely with the department to deliver our Healthy Country Program and our Grazing BMP program.

Department of Natural Resources and Mines

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines is committed to ensuring Queenslanders benefit from the productive and responsible use of the state's natural resources—our land, water and minerals.

SEQ Catchments receives funding through this department that funds activities such as integrated catchment management, flood recovery, river restoration and land use practise change.