Update on the Community Water Quality Monitoring Program

Update on the Community Water Quality Monitoring Program

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SEQ Catchments is currently in the process of restructuring our business to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our stakeholders and community, as well as manage the challenges and opportunities that face us now and in the future. You can read the full statement about our restructure from our CEO here.

Due to various external impacts and considerations, regrettably it is no longer possible for us to maintain the Community Water Monitoring program in its current form. However, we continue to recognise the significant role that volunteers play in monitoring the health of our waterways and we are committed to supporting our community to continue their endeavours in this space. 

To this end, we have been working hard on a sustainable solution to support the many volunteers who wish to continue to monitor water quality in their catchment. This will involve calibration of Horiba’s by water quality monitoring volunteers within their networks, and entering data into the Unidap Water Q database. SEQ Catchments staff will support this shift with initial training and ongoing advice.

The technical information we have received indicates that with a slight change in field monitoring methods, Horiba calibration can be undertaken quarterly rather than monthly, which will significantly reduce the resources required.

To assist with this transition, a number of SEQ Catchments staff will be offering training to community water quality monitoring volunteers in the next couple of months. This training will involve two one-day courses:

  • One day course demonstrating calibration of the Horiba 
  • One day course in the Unidap Water Q database (data entry and strategies for use of data)
We highly recommend all current volunteers who wish to continue to monitor water quality in their catchment to undertake this training. Not only will you be provided with very clear information on how the Horiba is calibrated and the working of the Water Q database, it will also enable you to meet and network with other volunteers within your local area. This training will ensure that all data collected by community volunteers continues to provide an accurate and precise record of water quality health in our region.

It will take some time to transition into the new way of support for the Community Water Quality Monitoring Program and we ask for your patience during this transition period. While the support we provide may be different, we want to assure you that we remain committed to helping our community maintain their water quality monitoring effort.

We will advise you as soon as we have firm training dates for your area. In the meantime, if you have any questions you can contact the following team members:

Nathaniel Parker: nparker@seqcatchments.com.au
Apanie Wood: awood@seqcatchments.com.au
Bruce Lord: blord@seqcatchments.com.au

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