SEQ Catchments Annual Report 2013 now available online

SEQ Catchments Annual Report 2013 now available online

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This year SEQ Catchments has produced a combined Annual and Sustainability Report for the 2012-13 reporting period.
It is the first report that we have produced that is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) sustainability reporting framework.

This expands our traditional annual reporting scope to report on the environmental and social performance of our business.
The theme of this year’s Report is ‘Preserving our economic and environmental prosperity’.

A sound economic argument is vital to encourage the investment needed in South East Queensland’s natural assets which support our economic and social well-being.

As part of our continued drive for efficiency in our business, we have decided to provide our Annual and Sustainability Report digitally this year. This has significantly reduced our paper consumption and the environmental impact of delivering hundreds of hard-copy reports.

It also enables stakeholders, funders and all interested parties to access our Report however they choose: on their laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. 

An added plus: we also saved thousands of dollars in the process!

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