Do you have enough feed to survive winter?

Do you have enough feed to survive winter?

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Upcoming workshops will demonstrate how to assess how long your pastures can feed your livestock.

The Stocktake – Balancing Supply and Demand workshop is being delivered by SEQ Catchments on Saturday 12th April at  Perserverance and Tuesday 29th April at the Ma Ma Creek Community Centre.

The workshop will provide graziers, large or small, with a practical way to assess their land condition and carry out feed budgets to determine short term carrying capacities. This information is critical to successfully managing your livestock enterprise in our subtropical climate experiencing dry winters with limited pasture growth. 
The day will provide information on basic grazing management principles including:

  • balancing pasture growth with livestock requirements
  • identifying different native and sown pasture species
  • using key indicator species to monitor pasture condition
  • monitoring land condition 
  • undertaking forage budgets. 

Keeping your land and pastures in good condition is the key to maximising beef production, maintaining healthy cattle and running a more profitable grazing business. 

Having high levels of groundcover and healthy, diverse pastures minimises erosion and improves soil health through increased retention of water and organic matter, which means pastures are able to respond quickly to rainfall and result in better quality feed over longer periods.

The workshop offers great value with participants receiving morning tea and lunch and a Stocktake manual, field recording sheets and a database to organise and store paddock and herd information. It is heavily subsidised (usually $300) at only $50 per property.

The workshop is being delivered by SEQ Catchments in partnership with the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry with funding provided by the Queensland Government. 

Bookings are essential: 

For Ma Ma Creek please contact Ross Bigwood phone 0438 162113 before Thursday 24th April to reserve your place.
For Perserverance please contact Bruce Lord 0427 013 284

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