Battling weeds in the Upper Logan Catchment

Battling weeds in the Upper Logan Catchment

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SEQ Catchments is excited to announce a new project to battle invasive weeds for a healthier landscape along the headwaters of Teviot Brook, Christmas Creek and Oaky Creek.

Cat's claw creeper produces bright yellow flowers in Spring

The Logan Resilience Project, which is funded by Seqwater and coordinated by SEQ Catchments, aims to improve creek stability and protect valuable agricultural land.

Project coordinator from SEQ Catchments, Nat Parker, says that managing invasive weeds will be an important part of this project.

“The upper catchment of these creeks is currently host to an assortment of invasive weeds, which affect creek habitat as well as water quality,” he said.

“Weeds like the well-known cats claw out-compete native vegetation, which not only provide habitat for key species, but also help stabilise the stream banks and reduce erosion and sediment flow downstream.”

In the future, to continue to improve the health of these systems, additional works may be funded. These works may include replanting vegetation, creating off-stream watering points, improved fencing for grazing management and stream bank stabilisation works.

Natural Asset Technical Advisor with Seqwater, Dan Garcia sees the value of such initiatives.

“Effective land management is the first, and best, way to improve the quality of water in our dams and streams. Put simply, the better the condition of our catchments, the better the water quality”.

Seqwater's ‘whole of catchment’ approach focuses on better land management and relies on partnerships with groups like SEQ Catchments to improve the biodiversity of the catchment and work towards more sustainable land use from farming and recreation to council planning and development.

This project will build on the work already undertaken by landholders and SEQ Catchments in the Upper Logan catchments to build a healthier landscape. For more information about this project please contact Nat Parker on 0447789273 or

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