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Organisations, companies or individuals that have an interest in natural resource management and the environment of South East Queensland, and who can make a positive contribution to SEQC Members Association Inc., are welcome to join as members.

Membership is complimentary.

Member Benefits:

  • Support real change for South East Queensland to ensure it remains one of the most diverse and liveable regions in the World
  • Together with other members and a common goal build strong community input into decision making
  • An opportunity to influence the operations of SEQ Catchments Ltd. the recognised Regional NRM Body in SEQ
  • Influence policy advice on natural resource management issues to the SEQ Catchments Board
  • Influence the nomination of members to be directors on the SEQ Catchments Board
  • Take a key leadership role in your local community by mobilising community engagement and attitudes to NRM and sustainability issues.
  • Showing your stakeholders and community that you are part of the solution and contributing to an enduring and worthwhile goal.
  • Be part of creating a sustainable future for our community.
Become a member of SEQCMA

Complete the New Membership Application Form and we will contact you to finalise your membership.

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If you require more information on SEQCMA, please contact SEQ Catchments on (07) 3211 4404.