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SEQ Catchments Members Association Inc (SEQCMA) was formed in 2009 to bring together people from all sectors of the community to work towards the achievement of common goals for the natural assets of South East Queensland.

Members of SEQCMA are organisations and individuals with an interest in NRM and membership is organised into the following Divisions:

  • Urban Industry
  • Traditional Owners
  • Rural Industry
  • Local Government
  • Environment
  • Research and Education
  • Integrated Catchments Management and Landcare
  • Coastal and Marine
  • Recreation, Sport and Tourism
  • Other

SEQCMA’s aims and objectives include:

  • Providing advice to SEQ Catchments on management planning, content and prioritisation of activity and funding of projects in the region to meet plan outcomes.
  • Providing policy advice on strategic NRM issues through advisory committees to SEQ Catchments from a community perspective.
  • Harnessing local community involvement and support for implementation of NRM initiatives and activities.
  • Aligning SEQ Catchments’ activities with the community’s aspirations.
  • Nominating Members to the SEQ Catchments Ltd Board.

The SEQCMA Advisory Board is selected on a regular basis from the membership with representatives from each Division. Meetings of the Advisory Board are held no less than quarterly.

Members in each Division meet as they require but at least annually to discuss matters of interest or issues they wish SEQ Catchments or SEQCMA to deal with, and to input to the SEQCMA Advisory Board.